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Velvet Crowns






Purchase Santa’s early present over the holiday season.

Velvet Crowns


Royal Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

I’m in love with the bonnets, so many colours to choose from and they are also reversible. The fact that it is adjustable is even better because it stays on all night, not to mention how soft they are. Very good product!


(5 customer reviews)

I’m really happy with the quality of service from the company. I bought various Velvet durags and the quality is amazing. Stylish to wear and the satin interior is of great quality to sleep with.

Benny Benny

(5 customer reviews)

I wear bonnets like it’s a part of my outfit, and love the reversible bonnets that give you a taste of both worlds; it’s like getting 2 in one, not only are they comfortable they have a adjustable elastic. I’ve washed it a couple times (maybe once) hahaha and it didn’t wear the cap out.


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Our team guarantee your satisfactions. If you have any questions or worries for refund contact us. It will always be our pleasure to take care of you Kings & Queens.


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