Royal Purple XVI Velvet


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Royal Purple XVI Velvet

Waves&Caps Velvet Durag were designed to stand apart in the industry. Made from a unique velvet material, it provides the highest level of comfort and compression.

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This Product is a perfect fit  for those hairstyle  : Waves, braid, dreadlocks, short hair 

 One size fit all - Breathable material with a secure snug fit, so there's no need to worry about it sliding off during the night

Premium Quality -  Made from an industry-leading premium silk-blend to provide the highest level of compression and comfort. This unique mix of silk and satin  provide the most luxurious feel while locking in the moisture needed to maintain your hairstyle.

Perfect Compression - For laying down hair whilst locking the moisture.This allows you to maintain and enhance your wave pattern.

Long & Wide Tails - 40 inch straps our tails are long enough to double wrapped around your head so that you can style to your own preference. The wider tails eliminate forehead lines whilst adding the extra comfort.

Unisex - Designed to be worn for Kings & Queens

Fashionable - Made with intent to stand apart, perfect durags to make a match with your outfit. 

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2 in stock

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